Wow. These Photos Clearly Show Who Megyn Kelly Liked Most: Trump vs DeSantis

Despite Trump consistently outperforming DeSantis in the polls, the question remains: which candidate do conservatives support for the 2024 election?

If body language serves as any indication, it seems that  Megyn Kelly, once a staunch "Never Trump" advocate, has had a change of heart and is likely to cast her vote for Donald Trump.

Take a look at the striking contrast between her photos with Trump and DeSantis:
  From OK! Magazine: 

"How about do the one just, just before Iowa do it all? do it, I'll moderate it…" Kelly began with a laugh, referencing the upcoming GOP debate, which Trump has chosen to sit out of.

"Yeah, I know. I appreciate that. You know, like, like you did with the Rosie O'Donnell," the GOP 20204 frontrunner responded, noting the incident, which occurred at the 2016 debate.

"Would it be a dealbreaker for you? Would it? Would it?" she asked jokingly, to which Trump replied, "Look. The people want a smart president. A smart president that's leading by 60 points. Ronald Reagan didn't do it. [Richard] Nixon didn't do it. Nobody does it. I mean, if you're leading by, why would you do it?"

Kelly cut in, saying, "The voters…"

Trump defended himself, adding, "You get that well, and then I have a somewhat hostile network. And frankly, I have a little bit of a hostile network. Like you asked me a question when you were moderating the debate for Fox that, frankly, if I didn’t come up with the answer 'Only Rosie O'Donnell,' I would have had a problem with that. That was a bad question."

"That was a great question," the blonde beauty refuted.

"You know, it was a nasty question!" Trump exclaimed back.

"It was AWESOME!" Kelly noted with a smile.

Additionally, as noted by conservative commentator Jack Posobiec, the race appears to be decisively settled. It's time for DeSantis to step aside, as MAGA has important work ahead:

Here is a brief clip from a recent interview in which Kelly praised Trump and drew a compelling comparison between Trump and Biden in terms of mental clarity:

All in all, this marks a significant turnaround for Kelly, who, as we all recall, was one of Trump's most prominent opponents back in 2016.

She has clearly evolved and is unafraid to  acknowledge her past mistakes.

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