Report: Ron DeSantis 'Pushed' and 'Kicked' Tucker Carlson’s Dog

Ron DeSantis is already widely unpopular, but this latest report could be the final nail in his coffin.

Americans seriously love their dogs, but there's a troubling report that DeSantis apparently "pushed" and "kicked" one of Tucker Carlson's four spaniels in April, according to a new book penned by the controversial author Michael Wolff.

From Radar Online: 

According to Wolff’s upcoming book, The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty, the alleged incident took place as DeSantis and his wife Casey visited Carlson and his wife Susie for lunch at the couple’s Boca Grande home.

"The Carlsons are dog people with four spaniels, the progeny of other spaniels they have had before, who sleep in their bed," an excerpt from Wolff’s book read. "DeSantis pushed the dog under the table. Had he kicked the dog?"

Wolff also claimed that DeSantis and his wife exhibited a "total inability to read the room" and the Florida governor used the lunch with Carlson to “reel off” a list of his “political accomplishments."

He wrote, “For two hours Ron DeSantis sat at the table talking in an outdoor voice indoors, failing to observe any basics of conversation ritual or propriety, reeling off an unselfconscious list of his programs and initiatives and political accomplishments.”

Carlson allegedly came away from the lunch thinking that DeSantis was a “fascist.”

“Susie Carlson’s judgment was clear: she did not ever want to be anywhere near anybody like that ever again,” Wolff wrote. “Her husband agreed.”

“DeSantis, in Carlson’s view, was a ‘fascist.’ The pot calling the kettle even blacker,” the excerpt continued. “Forget Ron DeSantis.”

Well, I, for one, am not a huge fan of DeSantis, but Michael Wolff is known for blowing stories out of proportion.

I don't know if you guys recall some of the humdingers he wrote about Trump; there are almost too many to list, so I'm going to take anything he says with a grain of salt.

But if DeSantis had indeed done this to Tucker's dogs, then that's just more proof that the guy is a complete loon who cannot be trusted.

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