Benghazi Hero Rescues American Church Group Stuck in Israel

Retired U.S. Marine Mark Geist, best known for saving 25 Americans on September 11, 2012, in Benghazi, has managed to pull off another heroic feat.

Geist came to the rescue of an American church that had been trapped in Israel following the brutal conflict with Hamas. The group had been told by the federal government to stay in place and await further word, but thankfully, Geist knew that there was not a moment to waste and he swooped in and saved them.

From BizPacReview: 

On Sunday, he joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Pete Hegseth and explained the role he played in getting Father Phil Ackerman’s flock home from Bethlehem with thanks to God.

“I gotta give it to the Lord, first and foremost. He put things together,” expressed Geist before going into further detail.

“A friend of mine, his sister was on that tour and had reached out to him who then, he reached out to me and asked if there was anything I could do to help and — I got a hold of some people that I know overseas in Israel, find out more information for them,” including, the retired Marine explained, that the State Department had told them to stay in place and await contact from the federal government.

Feeling uncomfortable with that plan and lacking up-to-date details on what was going on, Geist went on to state, “The biggest thing I was able to do was to help them have that information, understand what the situation was; Tel Aviv, the airport, whether it was shutting down or not — the possibility of that, and other options, which was get across the border into Jordan.”

This man is truly a born hero.

We need more individuals like him, who  are willing to risk life and limb to help those in need.

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