Is This Bombshell Arrest a Key To Why So Many US Trains Have Derailed?

Just a few months ago, the news was inundated with story after story of trains derailing here in the U.S.

It got to the point where many started coming up with some pretty out-there conspiracy theories to explain this constant string of train crashes, and a new arrest of a man in Ohio is only going to fan the flames of discussion.

Earlier this month, the FBI arrested Joseph Findley, 43, on federal terrorist charges for allegedly jamming metal into tracks and rail lines in order to derail these trains.

From Fox News: 

CSX train employees found metal materials jammed into the tracks and rail switches of an Ohio train line for months after a near-catastrophic derailment in August, according to court documents.

During a test run for a CSX employee appreciation day, a train hit an obstruction on the track and temporarily derailed before the wheels dropped back into place.

The seemingly mysterious accident quickly became a concerning issue when employees continued to find more "purposefully placed" materials along the tracks, which matched methods taught by international terrorist groups to make homemade derail devices, court documents say. 

The investigation led to Cleveland man Joseph Findley, 43, who was arrested and charged with terrorist attacks against railroad carriers. 

Findley lives with his parents, who could not be reached by Fox News Digital. His mother told Fox 8, though, that her son is not a terrorist. 

"He's never been a bad kid, never, he was always good. He’s no terrorist, somebody’s making that up," his mom told the local news outlet, which asked what would explain his alleged actions.

"Being depressed, because he lost his job, he lost his girlfriend, but he never did anything like that," she said. "They’re nuts, he’s not a terrorist. I think they all exaggerated it because he never did anything bad."

The Amtrak train along that line typically carries between 180 and 200 passengers twice per day, according to court documents.

This is certainly an interesting development and one  that will definitely have a lot of folks talking, especially those who are already suspicious of our government and intelligence community.

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