LOOK: This Isn’t the Gaza Strip: It’s Ilhan Omar’s District in Minnesota

As we've all witnessed, the Gaza Strip and that entire corner of the Middle East are in a state of absolute chaos following the brutal conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Protests have erupted worldwide, revealing a noticeable  divide between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel supporters. However, in Ilhan Omar's district in Minnesota, there is such a significant number of pro-Hamas supporters that it's beginning to resemble the situation in the Gaza Strip.
I know I would personally be quite concerned to see this many pro-Hamas individuals in my town. Despite what the liberal media may say, they are unquestionably a terrorist group. Speaking of Omar's district, there have been numerous concerns regarding safety there, and there's a particular article from 2019 that outlines some of the radical Islamic trends at that time.

From The New American:

Is it any surprise that the Minneapolis neighborhood dubbed “Little Mogadishu” would seem an awful lot like the real, big Mogadishu?

In Muslim Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar’s district — which has become “the terrorist recruitment capital of the US,” as Fox News puts it — police are struggling with murders, Muslim gangs, and a “tight-lipped” “Somali” community that’s reluctant to talk to law enforcement. Officially, police say the problem is that authorities need better community “outreach.” But a prominent anti-jihadism crusader contends the issue is deeper: Koranic injunctions against trusting non-Muslims.

As Fox News reports, opening their piece with a story about a young “Somali” man who was shot but refused to talk to police:

The national epidemic of shootings involving young African-American men in America’s cities certainly isn’t unique to Minneapolis. But some officers here believe issues of cultural assimilation involving the Somali immigrant community, and a struggle on both sides to better communicate law enforcement’s mandate to protect and serve, makes it a particularly imposing challenge. One that politicians like Omar, they say, could do much more to effectively address.

“When they come here, they come with their own experiences of not trusting the police, and from a place where the police are known to be corrupt. And the challenge for us lies in trying to get them to cooperate,” said one law enforcement officer. “They’ll often call 911 when they need help. But when we come, they often won’t then tell us who is causing the problem so we can take action or stop the crime from happening again.”

“Our goal is to have a good relationship with the community, we try to engage but it’s proving to be a tough egg to crack,” another officer underscored.

It certainly seems like Ilhan has a significant challenge on her hands with radical Islam.

This is abundantly clear now as we see these hordes of people proudly waving their Hamas flags.

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