Iraqi Officials Sentence Woman to Death by Beating, For Attempting to Take Her Own Life

I understand that each country has its own morals and customs, but this situation makes no sense.

A Nigerian woman in Iraq was rescued when she attempted to take her own life. In a strange twist, Iraqi officials are now sentencing her to death by beating for her suicide attempt.

So, whether they rescued her or not, she's still being condemned to death? Again, makes absolutely zero sense.

From Pulse:

Oluwaseunfunmi, according to a source, went to Iraq in a quest of finding a better life since she couldn’t find hope in Nigeria.

The immigrant, who was said to be working with "Dr Zainab Attar (Dentist) - Karadah - 0 tips," could not bear the situation in Iraq, leading her to attempt suicide. She was, however, rescued and sentenced to death.

"Unfortunately, she's in a delicate situation right now in Iraq because she attempted to take her own life and was saved but has been sentenced to be beaten to death next month (November) for attempting suicide,” the source told Sahara Reporters.

The source appealed to the President Bola Tinubu-led government to intervene, and save the Nigerian woman from being killed in Iraq.

The Head of Media, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abdurrahmaan Balogun Arab, said the commission wasn't aware of the incident.

Balogun stated in a text message to Sahara Reporters said, "We are not aware of it. Can a family member or anyone with details send petition to".


While suicide is indeed a horrible thing, issuing such an  unbelievably brutal punishment is beyond barbaric.

I pray that someone, anyone can intervene and help this poor woman.

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