Israeli Airstrike Destroys the Only Abortion Clinic in Gaza

Israeli forces have responded vigorously to Hamas in the wake of the brutal attack carried  out by the terrorist group in their country, resulting in the loss of thousands of innocent lives.

Israel spared no effort and executed an airstrike in Gaza like no other. However, they did provide advance notice to the area before the attack to protect innocent lives. What's even more noteworthy is that, during this attack, Israeli forces managed to destroy the only Planned Parenthood facility in the area.

From WND: 

Within hours of Hamas’ attack Saturday, Israel Defense Forces spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus took to social media to explain the events that had just occurred, Israel’s anticipated response and how he fully expected the story to be transposed fairly quickly, reflecting Israel as the bad guys. I couldn’t imagine the final part of that statement being true.

Conricus seemed sure of it, however, outlining a familiar game plan where Israel would “account for all civilians and soldiers, close the border and prevent future attacks, and finally, strike Hamas' military targets,” according to Townhall.

The aggressive nature of these return strikes on Hamas’ military targets is “usually the stage when the world starts to count Palestinian deaths and lecture us about humanity and the use of force,” he said.

Conricus would then go on to remind everyone of how the exchange began. “It started with the butchering and the cold-blooded execution of Israeli civilians by Hamas — unprovoked.” More than 1,300 Israelis have died since the Hamas assault began, according to the Wall Street Journal. At least 27 Americans have also died.

Israel’s response was swift, organized and unapologetic. They came in hot, but not without warning to the innocent to leave Gaza or risk death.

According to Daily Caller, “The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Friday warned Gaza residents to evacuate and move southwards ahead of a potential ground invasion of Gaza designed to defeat Hamas. The terrorist group regularly uses Gazan civilians as human shields and its infrastructure is embedded within civilian neighborhoods, according to the IDF.”

This was in stark contrast to Hamas, which demanded Palestinian inhabitants remain. Israel has since cut water, power, food, fuel and medical supplies to the area. They’ve also dropped 6,000 bombs on Gaza.

A highly volatile situation is developing in this area.

I have a strong sense that this won't be the last time Israel launches a strike on the Gaza Strip, as Hamas is undoubtedly planning their retaliation as we speak.

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