Video Proof: Is Jada Pinkett Smith a Pathological Liar and Narcissistic Psychopath?

I believe that by now, we all can recognize that Jada Pinkett Smith is indeed toxic.

Lately, Jada has been quite outspoken, airing all their dirty laundry, including her and Will's, but her  most recent story seems to be a significant falsehood.

Pinkett Smith recently made the claim that the late rapper Tupac Shakur proposed to her in 1995 while he was incarcerated at Rikers Island. However, according to a TikTok user, that timeline doesn't add up, suggesting that Jada is, in fact, lying.
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From RadarOnline: 

TikTok user Jess in Miami (@jesstheprequeldoesmiami) said "Jada's lying" about the slain rapper popping the question in 1995, a year before his murder, and claimed, "I have the timeline to prove it."

In the TikTok video, Jess told her viewers, "I can't handle these f------ lies anymore" in regard to Jada's claims, which were revealed in a snippet from her upcoming memoir, Worthy, out October 17.

In the memoir, Jada claimed that Tupac proposed when she went to see him at Rikers, where he briefly served time before being transferred to another facility after being convicted of sexual assault in 1995.

The video creator said Jada's "math isn't mathing."

As the TikTok creator introduced the timeline of the alleged proposal, she slammed the Red Table Talk host and claimed, "Jada is currently on her pay attention to me tour."

While on her "pay attention to me tour," Jess said Jada was issuing "wild claims" that she aimed to debunk, beginning with the timeline of Tupac's incarceration for rape.


Jada really does seem to be desperate  for attention right now.

I mean, who lies about someone proposing to them? You have to be a real narcissist to actually make up something like that.

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