Is Taylor Swift Destroying The NFL?

Ever since NFL star Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift joined  forces, it appears that every Kansas City Chiefs game revolves more around the pop star than the game itself.

Cameras consistently shift their focus to Swift, capturing glimpses of her reactions to touchdowns, often at the expense of showcasing the jubilant players.

The fervor for Swift, or "Swiftie hype," in the NFL seems to be escalating, and former player Rob Gronkowski has voiced his opinions on the sudden sports infatuation with the pop singer.

From Breitbart:

Rob Gronkowski no longer gets paid to play football. Now he gets paid to analyze football and give his opinion about it. After analyzing the broadcast network’s coverage of Taylor Swift, Gronk’s opinion is that he’s done with it.

Appearing on FanDuel’s Up & Adams on Wednesday, the Super Bowl champion and future Hall of Famer says that the broadcast network’s insistence on constantly showing shots of Swift has taken things over the top.

“I would just say ‘Bye, bye, bye.’ It’s just a little bit too much,” Gronkowski said, even though Swift did not sing that song.

“Yes, you can show her. Maybe have her perform a song now since they’re hyping her up every single week. But we want more football! Yes, it’s fine that you show her, but not every single play.”

Gronkowski added that he felt the focus should be on the players that the fans paid to see.

“That’s my point – show the players, show the players’ celebrations.”

This does not mean that Gronk begrudged Kelce, or feels that he is undeserving of Swift, or the added media attention.

I'm confident Gronkowski isn't alone in sharing this sentiment. After all, football fans tune in to watch football, not Taylor Swift and her responses to every single play.

Kudos to him for speaking his mind. This  situation is undoubtedly spiraling, but it's a safe bet that Gronkowski will encounter some backlash from Swift's dedicated fan base, the Swifties, for his outspoken comments.

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