[VIDEO] Flash Mob Loots and Tears Up Gas Station in Dem-Run City

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  • Source: The Blaze
  • 11/14/2023
The situation with flash mob looters is escalating rapidly, and it's significant to note that most of these incidents are taking place in cities run by Democrats. A recent shocking incident in Memphis serves as a prime example of this trend.

From The Blaze:

Scores of thugs swarmed two Memphis gas stations over the weekend, stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise and destroying property. Looters also hit a 53-foot FedEx semi-trailer, stealing multiple packages.

While last year, former District Attorney Amy Weirich indicated that Memphis would trend in this direction if soft-on-crime Democratic professor Steve Mulroy was elected chief prosecutor, the exasperated mayor of America's most dangerous city indicated this week the courts were to blame for failing to ensure that criminals are locked up.

WMC-TV reported that multiple businesses were robbed and vandalized Saturday night.
"Some people referred to it almost as a purge, it was ridiculous," said James Davis, owner of L.R. Clothier. "I saw some videos on social media."
Davis' business was broken into early Sunday morning, according to police.

"What this says to me is that people don't fear any repercussions of their actions," added the store owner.
Roughly $2,000 of items were stolen from the Exxon at 3483 Airways Boulevard. Over $15,000 of merchandise was taken from the Fill-N-Go gas station at 3084 South Third Street just hours later, where a clerk reported having a rifle pointed at him by a suspect. The mob is estimated to have inflicted $9,000 in damage at the second location.

These mobs appear to be coordinated by someone. It's puzzling why the FBI isn't focusing on this gang of thugs, instead of pursuing grandparents who attended the January 6th event.

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