Forget Black Friday - Plumbers Are Getting Ready For “Brown Friday” 

Apart from avoiding tummy aches, you can steer clear of 'Brown Friday' disasters. Simple tips? Don't pour turkey grease down the drain and give your garbage disposal some extra work. Basically, just use common sense and keep a plunger handy near the toilet!

From Scripps News:

One of the nation's largest plumbing repair companies said it expects to be quite busy the day after Thanksgiving on a day it dubs "Brown Friday." 

Roto-Rooter said it experiences a 50% increase in call volume the day after Thanksgiving compared to an average Friday. The company also said it has a 21% uptick in business over any other four-day weekend period. 

The company said Thanksgiving gatherings and meals can overload kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, toilets and main sewers.

"Extra guests mean more toilet flushes, showers, dishwasher and laundry loads, and garbage disposal usage. Simply put, Thanksgiving puts a heavy strain on American plumbing systems and it keeps our plumbers super busy the next day," said Paul Abrams, Roto-Rooter spokesman.

According to Yelp, Portland, Oregon, has the highest number of searches related to emergency plumbers, including clogged up toilets and leaky faucets, on Brown Friday. Virginia Beach, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Indianapolis; and Jacksonville, Florida, round out the top 5 for Brown Friday-related searches. 

Aside from tummy aches, you can avoid “Brown Friday” nightmares by not pouring turkey grease down the drain and run the garage disposal a lot. In other words, use common sense, and keep a plunger close to the toilet!

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