Prince William ‘absolutely F------ hates' Prince Harry

It's no secret that William and Harry aren't exactly basking in 'brotherly love' these days. There are whispers that King Charles is attempting to mend fences, at least for the sake of public appearances, but Prince William isn't biting, according to rumors. Insiders even claim that the situation has become so toxic, William now harbors intense resentment towards Prince Harry.

Can you blame him?

From OK! Magazine: 

Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship hasn't improved despite the Duke of Sussex speaking to his father, King Charles, on his birthday. According to a source close to the Prince of Wales, William is angry at his younger sibling due to his profitable tell-all projects.

A publication reported that Charles has a level of "determination to try and reconcile" with Harry, but William's pals noted that the future king has a different stance on their public feud.

“He absolutely f------ hates him,” the insider told the outlet.
“Harry sold his family out to the media for millions of dollars, and William can’t forgive that breach of trust,” the friend continued.

In Harry's memoir, Spare, the famous redhead referred to the British heir as his "archnemesis," and for William, the duke's words caused immense pain.

"I think it’s exactly because the bond was so deep that the betrayal has been so wounding," the source noted. "They were the only people who actually knew what each other had been through."

"How would you feel if your best friend decided to reveal all your personal secrets to the newspapers," the confidant questioned. "Well, multiply that by a thousand."

Everybody close to this situation says that there’s likely no hope for the brothers to ever have a close relationship again, especially with Meghan still in the picture. But Harry’s been such a traitor, that even if Meghan left, the brothers relationship will never be the same.

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