Woke Aquaman Sinks to the Bottom of the Box Office Ocean

It's a tale as old as time: go woke, go broke...

From corporations to TV shows, the repercussions  of championing a far-left agenda are evident. One would assume the entertainment industry had learned its lesson, but apparently not. The latest installment in the Aquaman series, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," appears to have fallen victim to the perils of toxic woke culture, landing unceremoniously at the box office's abyss.

In its inaugural week, the film scraped together a mere $38 million—a woeful figure that undoubtedly  disappointed Warner Bros. and DC executives, who undoubtedly anticipated a more robust turnout.

From Western Journal:

According to Variety, the movie had a production budget of $215 million. In Hollywood bookkeeping, that means it needs to bring in $400 million to make its money back, according to the entertainment website Screen Rant. But not even star Jason Mamoa (who got $15 million of that $215 million, according to Screen Rant), could save this one.

“Already, the sequel’s previews are less than that of Disney/Marvel Studios’ dud The Marvels which did $6.6M before a 3-day of $46.1M, the lowest start ever for a Marvel movie,” Deadline reported.

So, that $400 million doesn’t appear to be in the cards in a tepid opening weekend after a rash of lukewarm — at best — reviews. (“‘The Lost Kingdom’ isn’t well done, but it isn’t miserable either,” wrote the New York Post reviewer Johnny Oleksinski, in what should be a textbook example of damning with faint praise.)

Hollywood really needs to have a "come to Jesus" moment where they finally see the light and realize that audiences don't want their political opinions shoved down their throats.

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