Meghan Markle’s Rebranding Herself, Wait Until You Hear Her New “Persona”

Meghan Markle is set to kick off the new year with a revamped persona.

She's reportedly shedding the "victim" label and  embracing a more carefree and fun-loving image. This strategic shift aligns with Meghan's ambitious plans to elevate her Hollywood career to new heights.

From OK! Magazine:

“This ‘fun’ side to Meghan is a clever way for the brand Clevr to get a lot of social media traction and engagement by using their famous investor,” culture expert Nick Ede said in an interview. 

In the short clip, Meghan is seen laughing with the Clevr Blends team, as the duchess attempts to fist-bump a staffer but misses his hand. 
“It’s also a way of showing Meghan in a new light that is both fun and frivolous,” he continued.

Since joining the monarchy and then leaving the royal family in 2020, Meghan quickly became a controversial figure globally. Going forward, Ede thinks the former blogger is moving away from her duchess role.

“Does it work? I think that Meghan is now such a polarizing figure that comments on the social media post are negative and not celebratory which is a shame, as the post was meant to be a showing off the success and hard work of the business," Ede explained.

The professional went on to say the actress is better off enjoying herself instead of “claiming her life is a misery because of what happened to her while in the royal family.”

Meghan seems to be shedding her victim ideology, but her adoption of this more carefree, fun personality honestly comes across as disingenuous.

Perhaps the most effective way to win people over is simply by being authentic, Meghan.

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