Terrifying Footage Captures NFL Player in Convulsions Following Brutal Impact Resulting in Brain Injury

It seems like every day, we hear about another horrific injury occurring on the football field. It's odd, isn't it? With all the technological advancements, you'd think pro players would be facing fewer severe injuries, not more. This latest incident is particularly alarming. As is often the case, it was caught on camera. This time, a player started convulsing and ended up with brain trauma, all while the whole world watched.

From Western Journal:

Well, Thursday’s tilt between the visiting New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns produced the sort of hit that actually wouldn’t have made the “Jacked Up!” segments of yore, but the end result was shockingly similar to something you would’ve seen on an NFL pre-game show pre-2006.

The Browns won the game 37-20 (the game wasn’t even as close as the final score would suggest as Cleveland punched a rare ticket to the playoffs with it) but suffered a scary moment right before halftime when receiver Elijah Moore was taken down with a rather routine tackle — until his head bounced off turf like it was a basketball.

Moore, after getting dragged down and having his head bounce off the field, began to exhibit what many interpreted as involuntary movements, a classic sign of head trauma.
One popular sports doctor on X took to the social media platform to confirm many fans’ worst fears.

“Unfortunately those are involuntary movements from a Brain Injury for Elijah Moore,” Dr. Even Jeffries posted on X.

According to ESPN, Moore has been released from the hospital and is now in the NFL’s concussion protocol (meaning he cannot play another snap until he passes a battery of league-sanctioned tests).
“He’s doing better,” Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said. “Those are always scary.”


Really scary moment for Elijah Moore, who looks like he started seizing after the hit. Hope he is okay. pic.twitter.com/IOZ6apzwil

— TCB (@TenCentBeers) December 29, 2023

The NFL is grappling with a host of issues lately. Not only are they still dealing with the ripple effects of the 'kneeling' protests initiated by Colin Kaepernick, but they're also facing a surge in injuries. Many people are starting to question whether the game is worth the potential cost to players' brains.

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