[VIDEO] The Truth About McDonald’s Broken Ice Cream Machines

McDonald's and their perpetually malfunctioning ice cream machines have practically turned into a societal punchline. Nationwide, there  are even websites dedicated to tracking which McDonald's locations boast a functioning ice cream machine.

The widespread issue with these ice cream contraptions has left many puzzled, questioning  why they seem to be constantly on the fritz.

As it turns out, the problem isn't necessarily that the machines are broken; rather, it's often the case  that only one on-site employee possesses the know-how to properly clean and maintain the contraption. When that individual isn't around, your chances of enjoying your favorite frozen treat plummet.

From Eat This, Not That:

With this occurrence being so common, many customers have been left with one major question: what's the deal with the machines? Mike Haracz, a former McDonald's corporate chef, recently hopped on TikTok to offer some clarity.

In a recent video, Haracz explained that the ice cream machines at McDonald's often aren't actually broken. Instead, they are being cleaned or the person who knows how to assemble or disassemble them is not present.

"If they are there, it's probably during peak time, so you know, two in the morning would probably be a great time to clean the ice cream machine, but with a minimal kitchen staff at that time, they're probably really busy and really can't do it, so they'll do it during more peak times."

Haracz went on to say that if the machine isn't assembled correctly, then it won't work, plus, "the cleaning cycle takes quite a while." He added that this process is likely not getting done at a time when there are minimal customers—like 2 or 3 a.m.—because this is when staffing levels are low.


The straightforward remedy for this  issue is to implement a standardized operating procedure company-wide for maintaining these machines before opening, and to ensure that more employees are trained in proper maintenance.

It's really not that complicated McDonalds...

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