Furious “Lifetime” Fans Vow to Stop Watching New “Woke” Jeopardy

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 02/29/2024
For decades, Jeopardy! has been a staple on American TV screens,  captivating millions. But lately, it seems to have hopped on the old "woke" bandwagon, and fans are not having it.

Social media erupted recently when the show  featured a category seemingly aimed at normalizing genderfluid pronouns like "Xem, Xyrs, Xemself."

Let's be real, when will these shows understand their audiences  and stop with this absurd virtue signaling? It's like they're trying too hard to be trendy and forgetting why people tune in in the first place.

From Breitbart: 

During the episode, contestant Cris Pannullo selected a category called “Speech! Parts of Speech!” and was presented with “Xem, Xyrs, Xemself,” to which he responded, “What are pronouns,” earning him $600.

“Those are pronouns! Neo-pronouns!” Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings responded.

The show was quickly slammed on social media for including the bizarre answer in one of its categories.

“I would answer by turning off the television, never watching that effing show again,” a user said.

“@Jeopardy lost a lifetime fan over pronouns,” one X/Twitter user wrote. “Never thought you would condone mental illness for viewership.”

“Dear God, we’ve lost #Jeopardy to the woke insanity,” another reacted.

“Now @Jeopardy gets to be on my permanent banned list,” another commented.

“If even @Jeopardy thinks these are pronouns, say good bye to to normalcy,” another said.

“I still watch jeopardy every day but their questions and answers keep getting weirder and weirder,” another commented. “When Alex Trebek was still alive we never had any of this.”

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