Body Language Experts Say Fani Willis Accidently Revealed “Hidden Truths”

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  • Source: PJ Media
  • 02/29/2024
Fani Willis recently faced the heat on the stand, addressing a slew of ethics complaints in  Fulton County. However, her appearance didn't exactly set the right tone from the get-go, as she showed up wearing a dress that seemed to have been put on backwards. And unfortunately, things only went downhill from there.

Yet, it wasn't just her disheveled appearance and dubious statements that  caught attention. Observers noted her body  language, which, according to an expert, betrayed signs of discomfort and deceit. It was evident that Fani was struggling to keep her composure, further fueling skepticism about her integrity.

Watch the video:

From PJ Media:

Enter "The Behavior Panel" -- Chase Hughes, Mark Bowden, Greg Hartley, and Scott Rouse, four men who are professional body language readers. They started a podcast and have become wildly popular on YouTube. They were big in their fields even before their YouTube fame came along. Those of us in the cheap seats have appreciated their expertise. They're not political. They try to stay out of the fray. They tried so hard not to trash Fani. 

They think Fani was telling some whoppers on the stand. No, they don't say that, but what they did say is that they've never seen a video in all the years of someone who "chaffed and redirected" more than Fani. They commented on her "confidence," "blink rate," snarling, teeth baring, and obfuscations. They felt "empathetic" toward her as she attempted to "self-soothe" and "relax" with her finger nearly covering her mouth, but thought that, in so many words, Fani was lying like a rug. When she sat back in her chair it was an invitation to "bring it," but, sadly for Fani, she didn't do well at parrying the blows. In my opinion, she came off as an imperious boor. The body language guys were surprised that Fani's inelegant style was believed by so many because she never answered any of the questions posed to her. 

As I mentioned in my piece about Fani's soto voce messaging, she attempted to deflect from the questions asked by spinning yarns about her house, her job, her dad, and her money. None passes legal scrutiny. Her testimony wasn't to the judge, who will decide if she's thrown off the case. It was to the court of public opinion. Fani objected to the notion that anyone would seek to prove she was lying about her special counsel boo, and about the money she was paying him. How dare you worry about ethics? 

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