Security Camera Captures Brave Dad Fighting Off Accused Kidnapper Trying to Take His Son

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  • Source: The Sun
  • 02/27/2024
Crime rates in cities across the U.S. are on  the rise, and a recent video capturing a father's harrowing ordeal fighting off a would-be kidnapper only underscores the escalating dangers in our country.

In broad daylight at a CVS in Miami Beach, Florida, a father  bravely confronted a man in his 20s who was trying to abduct his four-year-old son.

The video of the incident has quickly circulated online, leaving many astonished not only by the father's swift and courageous response but also by the audacity of such crimes  occurring in commonplace locations like drugstores and during daylight hours.

Watch the video:

From The Sun:

The attempted kidnapping happened at a CVS in Miami Beach at around 11:55 am on Thursday, according to Law & Crime.

The footage showed a man entering the store as the family was exiting.

The child's mother walks by the alleged kidnapper just as he makes a hard left and violently grabs the 4-year-old boy off the ground, wrapping his arms around him.

The boy's father immediately jumps in, dropping his purchases and grabbing the man from behind, pulling him away from the child.

The mother swooped in, grabbing the child who fell once the man dropped him.

She ran back into the store as the boy's father continued to grabble with the alleged kidnapper, ripping off his jacket and pushing him into the walls and doors.

The man has been identified as 26-year-old Nicolas M. Sternaman.

The child was left visibly shaking and stayed attached to his mother, according to CBS Miami, citing a police report.

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