Cali Softball Team Gets Brutal Reaction When They Kneel for National Anthem During a Game in Louisiana

It's evident that Americans are fed up with the influx of politically charged gestures infiltrating sporting events. Kneeling during the national anthem, once a widespread phenomenon, particularly in the NFL, has become increasingly uncommon.

However, the recent decision by the University of California, Berkeley women's softball team to revive this trend by kneeling during the anthem at their match against the University of Louisiana didn't sit well with the southern spectators.

As six Berkeley players took a knee, the crowd's disapproval was palpable, with shouts of "Stand up!" and "Liberal wokeness!" filling the air.

Watch the video:

From Western Journal:

The outlet SF Gate actually attempted to portray the kneelers as victims of some sort of a hate campaign:

These ladies each made the decision to kneel in a deeply conservative part of the country – a place where Americans are more likely than not to honor God and country and respect their communities.

As the players knelt, fans began to shout at them.

“WOKE! WOKE! WOKE!” one man shouted, while another screamed, “Stand up!”

Another man shouted, “Stand up, California!” while another fan bellowed out the words, “Liberal wokeness!”

Eventually, the shouting became so widespread that most of the verbal grief the Cal ladies were receiving was could not be made out.

But the booing was heard loud and clear. It appeared as if all or most of those in attendance eventually realized what was happening and didn’t hesitate to share their feelings.

The message was clear: We don’t want any California malarkey around here in Lafayette.

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