Disney Parks Are Officially Deemed The “Biggest Rip-off” In America

Heading to a Disney park  used to be the ultimate family getaway, right? But let's face it, over the past few years, the price tags attached to a Magic Kingdom adventure have skyrocketed, making it seem like an unattainable dream for many of us regular folks.

Since the whirlwind of COVID hit back in 2020, the park has hiked up prices  on everything from tickets to churros to those coveted skip-the-line passes. And guess what? It's scored the top spot on Tripadvisor's list of the biggest tourist traps in the good ol' US of A.

It's just another glaring sign that, in the land of the free and the home of  the brave, the middle-class is getting squeezed out of yet another iconic vacation hotspot.

From Inside the Magic:

A recent survey that used a total of 5,000 participants was used to ” headfirst into Google Trends and Tripadvisor to determine the top “rip-offs” people were talking about at national, state, and local levels”.

Casino.org conducted the study, and began by stating, “Bamboozled, beguiled, and swindled: sometimes the only way of describing experiences that were certainly less than we bargained for. The allure of “as seen on TV” and an influencer’s POV of travel can leave us disappointed when we realize we didn’t get our money, time, or both worth. Buyer beware as we’re unpacking some of the biggest rip-offs of all time: from universal woes, not-so-national treasures, and even every state’s scams.”

In the end, Disney World ranked as the #1 biggest US tourist attraction rip-off. The publication wrote, “Following the Tripadvisor results for the top 10 US attractions, we asked participants to rank what they thought was the biggest to least rip-offs according to their experiences.

60% of respondents concluded that Disney World is the biggest rip-off for US attractions. The happiest place on Earth turns out to be the “most scammy” place on Earth too as this top attraction ranks #1 for rip-offs. Starting at $109 per person for the most basic ticket, we start to see why Disney makes the top rip-off ranks. Ciao, Mickey Mouse! ”

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