Public Outraged Over Restaurant Selling Eggs and Toast for Nearly 60 Bucks

It's becoming the global standard that we're shelling  out more cash for almost everything thanks to inflation. But what's really grinding people's gears is when businesses start milking the current economic climate for all it's worth, engaging in blatant price gouging. 

Take, for instance, a swanky Michelin-starred joint in London. Patrons  walked away seething  after being slapped with a £58 bill for a basic breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast topped with a few shavings of white truffle. And let's say you opt to skip the fancy truffle - you're still looking at a  hefty £36 for what's essentially a run-of-the-mill breakfast dish.

Naturally, if you decide to splurge  on a Michelin-starred dining experience, you expect to shell out a bit more than your average joint. But let's be real here - this price tag is just plain outrageous.

From The Sun UK:

But customers' opinions are divided on the lavish dish.

One person wrote: "The dishes were basic, lacking a notable wow factor.

"Simply adding truffle to bread doesn't automatically elevate one to the status of a chef.

"Overall, while we gave it a try, we weren't entirely convinced by our experience.

"Furthermore, the pricing was exceptionally high without any apparent justification."

Another reviewer added that the dish was "tasteless" and she "couldn't even smell [the truffle]".

But while some guests were baffled by the bill, others have been left impressed and pleased with the breakfast dish.

A different customer disagreed, saying: "It’s worth every bite and they really are not shy with the truffle like other London restaurants."

Another visitor said that the meal was "a must-try" with someone else adding: "Food on the pricey side, but you pay for the experience."

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