Photo: What The Hell Is Going on With LeBron James’s Feet?

I don't know if you've ever taken a peek at  LeBron James' feet, but let me tell you, they're quite something. His toes seem to have a mind  of their own, twisting in all sorts of bizarre directions. It's like his foot is stuck in a perpetual charley horse.

Believe it or not, there's a fair amount of debate surrounding LeBron's unconventional feet. Some chalk it up to years of wearing  basketball shoes, while others take a more medical perspective and attribute it to a bunion.

Regardless of the label you choose  to apply, one thing's for certain: LeBron's feet are not easy on the eyes.

From NBA Republic:

There is this debate among people who have seen the deformed toes of King James. Some are of the the view that the condition is as a result of wearing basketball shoes for a longer period. It is no secret that James has been playing professional basketball since 2013. That is some 20 years ago, and in all these years, he wears shoes in training sessions and on the court just as any other basketball players.

Others are also of the view that the Los Angeles Lakers Power Forward is suffering from a medical condition known as bunion. Bunion, according to Mayo Clinic, is a bony bump that forms on the joints located at the base of the big toes. The condition happens when some bones move out of their usual place. As a result, the big toes is pulled towards the smaller ones just as seen with LeBron James feet.

However, wearing tight and narrow shoes is one of the causes of bunion feet. This therefore seeks to give some credence to the argument that James’ toes condition could be caused by continuous wearing of basketball shoes. But whatever it is, we will find out in the rest of this article.

In addition, a podiatrist called Zach, once spoke about James’ toes saying that James’ condition could be as a result of hereditary. He believes that shoes LeBron wears are not the cause. This was in contradiction to what another podiatrist said in a Facebook post in 2018. Dr. Kevin Kirby made it clear in his post that LeBron has bunions.

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