Worried Dems Turn to Makeup and Better-Lighting to Make Joe Look Good

Biden's public image is visibly  crumbling before us.

It's evident that his tenure in the White House has  exacted a toll, compounded by his evident cognitive decline. His team is in a frenzy to inject some vitality into his  persona. In a move reminiscent of "Weekend at Bernie's," they're resorting to makeup and lighting tricks to give Joe a more lively appearance.

From The New York Post:

Panicked Democrats are barraging the White House with advice on how to make President Biden appear more youthful – even pushing for better make-up and enhanced lighting – as his re-election campaign grinds on despite his cognitive decline.

Allies and operatives have been flooding the White House with advice since Biden’s disastrous press conference Thursday, when he lashed out at special counsel Robert Hur for characterizing him as an “elderly man with a poor memory.”  

Some are telling the president to reimagine his makeup routine, CNN reported, while others are urging his staff to improve the lighting at his public appearances.

Others want Biden to begin his events seated in a chair to keep him from having to shuffle slowly to a podium – all in an effort to help the 81-year-old president sidestep questions about his age.

“The cake is already baked,” a despondent former Biden White House aide told The Post. “Most Democrats feel that way about the president already. They think he’s effective and a good person, but nobody really wants him to run. ..and Democrats don’t have the guts to try and remove him from the ticket.”

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