Here’s The Final Word from Someone Who Actually Knows About Michelle Obama Running in 2024

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  • Source: Red State
  • 02/12/2024
There's been a lot of buzz about who might succeed  Biden in the 2024 election, as it appears increasingly unlikely that ol' Joe will seek a second term. Names like Gavin Newsom, Dean Phillips, and of course, Michelle Obama, have been tossed around.

But for those on the left hoping  Michelle will throw her hat into the presidential ring in 2024 or any time thereafter, they'll be disappointed to learn otherwise. According to David Axelrod, Michelle isn't particularly inclined toward a career in politics, let alone a presidential run.

For conservatives, this news will likely come as a relief. Many of us aren't exactly thrilled about the prospect of Barack Obama potentially serving a de facto fourth term in the White House.

From Red State:

In an appearance on CNN, Axelrod was asked about rumors that Michelle Obama could replace the declining Joe Biden on the ticket.

He responded by pointing out that she does not even particularly like politics:

Here's what I know. Michelle Obama loves this country, she is a brilliant person and a brilliant communicator. But she was a conscript to politics, she was never interested in a political life, even when Barack Obama was a young politician. She really didn't participate much in his campaigns. I was with him in his Senate campaign in 2004, I think she showed up twice in the whole campaign on election nights. 

Axelrod added that the Obamas feel like they already gave a decade of their life to politics and they have no plans on throwing themselves back in the ring:

So she is not someone who likes politics, she doesn't like the tone and tenor of politics and I would be floored if she would consent to that. They feel they gave 10 years of their life to this and I'm sure she feels as Barbara Bush did when she said there has to be someone other than the Bush's and the Clinton's who can be president of the United States. 

My guess is that is her attitude. I always say I have more chance of dancing in the Bolshoi Ballet as next year than she would be president of the United States. 

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