Turns Out Travis Kielce Was an Angry Little Kid, As Well

While Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift  may be basking in their respective successes, a recent Super Bowl photo capturing Kelce in a heated exchange with Coach Andy Reid has stirred up some questions about his demeanor.

Adding more intrigue to the mix, reports have emerged about Kelce's past, suggesting a history of behavioral issues dating back to his  preschool days. It seems young Travis was quite the troublemaker, even getting himself and his older sibling kicked out of  preschool due to his antics.

Now, I'm not one to defende Kelce, but let's face it, this preschool episode might be ancient history. Many boys exhibit wild behavior in their early years only to mellow out as they grow older. On the other hand, it could be a sign of deeper-rooted issues that have persisted over time. Ultimately, only Kelce and his therapist truly know.

From OK! Magazine:

During the Season 2 premiere of his and brother Jason Kelce's "New Heights" podcast in September 2023, Travis and his older sibling recalled separate times they were both "kicked out of preschool" as kids.

The trip down memory lane began after Travis asked Jason if he taught his three daughters — Wyatt, 4, Elliotte "Ellie," 2, and Bennett, turning 1 on February 23 — "how to fight the Kelce way."

"I have not taught them any fighting techniques," Jason quipped, informing his younger brother he was "trying to keep them from getting kicked out of preschool the way I was."

As for why Jason was given the boot by his preschool, the Philadelphia Eagles center admitted he and another young student found themselves in hot water after messing around with sporks.

Jason ended up whacking his classmate in the forehead hard enough to leave a mark, causing him to get in some serious trouble.

The situation was eventually brought the attention of Jason and Travis' dad, Ed Kelce, who asked the teacher: "Why weren't you watching him?"

After chuckling about Jason's preschool story, Travis decided to share why he was ejected of his early childhood learning center.

"I got kicked out of preschool because during playtime we were playing checkers and I was winning because I don’t f------ lose at checkers. And if you win you stay on," the boyfriend of Taylor Swift recalled.

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