[VIDEO] New Group Forcibly Removes Squatters from Your House

As crime and homelessness continue to surge  across the nation, squatters have become a real concern. For those unaware, squatting is when someone takes up residence in an abandoned or temporarily empty building. What's truly alarming is that in some states, once a squatter has  inhabited a property for 15 consecutive years, they can legally claim it.

While some may find the idea of squatting  for that long improbable, it's actually becoming more prevalent than one might expect, and it's certainly worrying, particularly for those who own vacation homes or inherited properties they rarely visit. Fortunately, there's hope for change, with a group known as the "Squatter Squad" now assisting  desperate homeowners in removing these unwelcome freeloaders.

If only our government was this motivated to alter laws and make a real difference...

From Revolver News:

A group called “Squatter Squad” has dived headfirst into the mess of squatting that’s sweeping the nation. They believe they have the solution to help desperate homeowners. Many local city officials are backing squatters instead of legal, decent homeowners. Just another day where regular Americans get the short end of the stick and lawlessness seems to be protected and rewarded—a signature move in Biden’s and the Democrats’ playbook. Things have spiraled so out of control that homeowners, trying to reclaim their spaces from these filthy trespassers, end up in cuffs themselves, while the real criminals go unscathed and get to stay in the house. Case in point: a homeowner in Queens, New York, recently found herself on the wrong side of the law trying to remove a squatter.

“Squatter Squad” is all about helping decent homeowners who’ve found their houses taken over by criminals. Here’s what they say on their website:

We offer fast and effective squatter removal and prevention services throughout Southern California.
Our job is to save our customers from all of the wasted time, money, stress, and headaches that come from squatters overtaking your property.

“Squatter Squad” is a service that’s greatly needed. We’re watching a bad situation spiral into something even darker, with homeowners facing murder.

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