Kathy Griffin Finally Admits the Obvious Over the Trump Severed “Head” Picture She Shared 

Kathy Griffin found herself in the eye of a storm  over that repulsive severed head photo of President Trump—a move that essentially marked the end of her career.

Sometimes, actions are so egregiously over the line that they leave no  room for defense, prompting the left to cut ties and leave the poor sap to weather the backlash alone. Griffin has come to recognize this harsh reality, acknowledging that the fallout from the  photo spelled disaster for her career. The aftermath of that ill-advised decision was profound, with her life taking a dramatic downturn as she found herself ostracized by her own allies, and dealing with “millions” is legal fees. It begs  the question: just how far do you have to go for the left to wash their hands of you? After all, this is a group known for standing by even the most disgusting dregs of humanity.

Yet, it's clear Kathy Griffin was left to deal the  consequences of her idiotic decisions without the support she expected, a fact she's openly discussing now, though it was obvious to most of us, from the get-go. 

From OK! Magazine:

Kathy Griffin recalled the moment she posted a photo of Donald Trump's head on social media in 2017 and how it affected her career.

"My industry dumped me. I was in the middle of a 50-city tour when that happened. Then, 25 cities all pulled out because of threats. The government started the official investigation against me, and my lawyers said, 'This is a serious thing. They’re serious about charging you with conspiracy.' I spent a million dollars in lawyer fees. After that, I was stopped at every airport in the U.S. and overseas. They take your phone, they take your passport. They wanted to end my career," the comedian, 63, said in a new interview.

Probably the funniest part of all this, is how Kathy thinks that the “best” thing to happen to her, is a friendship with a washed-up D-list porn star and a bitter old maid. The OK! article wraps up.

"I’m on a daily text chain with Mary Trump, E. Jean Carroll and Stormy Daniels. Yes, it’s the truth. Those girls are an inspiration. They’re so strong. Stormy flew to Vegas to see me for my first show in six years. And E. Jean is coming to see me at all my New York stops. Mary, too. I know, it’s crazy. I wouldn’t know them if it weren’t for the political scandal. I’m trying to look at the good parts of this experience and go, 'You know what? Today, I know who my real friends are,'" she shared.

Honestly, if anyone was ripe for a downfall, it was this woman, whose  actions crossed every line of decency.

There's a certain poetic justice in seeing her, in the end, surrounded by two equally  disgruntled, bitter old ladies, also suffering from severe from Stage 5 TDS. It just goes to show, birds of a feather do flock together, especially when they share an  obsession and a mentally ill fixation on President Trump.

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