New Report: Your Kid’s Favorite Cereal Is Loaded with Toxins

It's no secret that the boxes of cereal  lining the shelves at grocery stores aren't exactly health food. Let's face it, they're usually packed with  sugar, preservatives, and, as it turns out, harmful toxins.

A recent report revealed that General Mills has  rolled out a new "LOADED" line of their classic cereals, such as Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cocoa Puffs. But here's the kicker: after testing, they were found to contain  alarmingly high levels of heavy metals and agrochemicals.

This whole situation is pretty  horrifying, especially when you consider that these products are often aimed at children. It's unsettling to think that many parents might unknowingly buy this harmful cereal for their kids.

From Moms Across America:

Levels of toxic heavy metals arsenic and cadmium present in two samples of Loaded Trix flavor were 200-400% higher than EPA allowable levels in drinking water.

Aluminum levels were as high as 3500 ppb, making Trix Loaded cereal a toxic way to start the day according to EU standards, if eaten daily. Aluminum levels were 1,365% and 1,650% higher than the EPA maximum allowable level in drinking water

Glyphosate levels were 15.83 and 17.47 ppb, 158-174X times higher than has been shown to cause sex hormone changes and organ damage in animal studies when they consumed .1 ppb of glyphosate herbicide.
Trace levels or higher of 8 pesticides were detected, including Fluopyram-1 a fungicide that has been shown to cause endocrine disruption in humans and wildlife at low levels.

Piperonyl butoxide - an ingredient used in shampoo to facilitate the killing of lice was detected in Loaded cereal.
We are asking you to contact your elected officials and ask them to regulate the food supply so that products like this don’t make it to market. Moms Across America director Zen Honeycutt states, “These test results show it is high time that cereal manufacturers such as General Mills make better choices in sourcing cleaner ingredients. These toxins, present in cereal marketed to parents and children, as containing vitamins (implying a healthy choice) are unconscionable and obviously highly unhealthy. What we need is cereal loaded with nutrition and free from toxins.”

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