America, stop buying Chinese Garlic ASAP

In this country, there's certainly no shortage of  imports from China. After all, they're a manufacturing powerhouse that sits just above what the U.S. produces. But what doesn't occur to most Americans is that quite a bit of the products we buy at the grocery store are from China as well, which is odd  considering the large distance between our countries.

These Chinese products for consumption  tend to be processed foods with a long shelf life. Surprisingly, there's an import from this country that you can actually find in the produce section: Chinese garlic. Its prevalence is increasing, but it's crucial to  understand the risks associated with this Far East ingredient. According to studies, Chinese garlic has the potential to contain toxic chemicals,  pathogens, heavy metals, and even E. coli. This is mainly because China often grows garlic in sewage water, which can contaminate both fresh and dried varieties.

From Agent Nateur:

Other countries produce about 75 percent of the world’s supply of garlic. In 2017, the US imported approximately 225 million pounds of garlic, both fresh and dried. It is estimated that the FDA only catches about 2 percent of imported hazardous produce before it makes its way in to the USA. 

Some countries have virtually no regulations on the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers used in farming. If that isn’t scary enough, the food handling safety, sanitation and hygiene regulations in some countries are even worse. 

Imported garlic is often grown in sewage water and human sewage is specifically used as an inexpensive fertilizer.  It is then sprayed with chemicals to prevent sprouting, bleached with chlorine to make it look white, and, by law, fumigated with methyl bromide, according to Henry Bell of the Australian Garlic Industry Association. High doses of methyl bromide can cause respiratory and central nervous system damage. According to the UN, it’s 60 times more dangerous than chlorine.

Every time imported garlic from a specific country is tested, it tests positive for toxic chemicals, pathogens and heavy metals including: lead, arsenic, chlorine, methyl bromide, melamine, E Coli, and the list goes on. 

*This applies not only to raw garlic, but also to garlic powder and garlic oil. 

*Check your spices and pre-made sauces! 

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