Is The Sky Falling? The View Gives President Trump Credit for His Humanity

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  • Source: Slay News
  • 03/30/2024
The hosts of "The View" have never been shy about their  disdain for President Trump. They've made a habit of critiquing him at every turn. So, it was quite the surprise when, in a recent segment, they found themselves actually giving him a nod of approval.

This unexpected moment occurred during a discussion about Biden and his notable  absence at the funeral of slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller. Instead of paying his respects, Biden opted for a fundraising event, rubbing elbows  with the likes of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, Trump, amidst his own campaign fervor, took the time to attend Diller's wake, honoring the fallen  officer's life.

The ladies of "The View" couldn't help but acknowledge the sharp  contrast in priorities between the two politicians. They even went so far as to commend  Trump for showing up at Diller's funeral, noting that it certainly looked better than Biden's optics.

From Slay News:

Farah Griffin, a former Trump aide who plays “the conservative” on “The View,” was asked to comment on the “optics” behind these decisions during an appearance on CNN Thursday morning.

The political commentator conceded that it would benefit Trump with the average American voter.

Farah Griffin remarked:

“Donald Trump, the master spinner, is going to say, ‘You, elites in New York with celebrities are raising these high-dollar donor money, while I‘m in New York to honor a fallen New York police department officer, who was killed by somebody who‘d been arrested on 21 times previously.’

“To the average American, the Trump-curious voter, this is what they want to see from him.”

Farah Griffin also claimed the decision to attend the fallen officer’s funeral will also serve as “a distraction” from Trump’s hearing in Georgia today.

“I have to say Donald Trump is getting smarter,” she continued.

“This is his third time running now, he knows what he‘s doing in a way that there‘s a sophistication that wasn‘t there.

“And I do think this works.”

Trump was using the same “playbook” he used for his 2016 campaign, she claimed.

This “move” would “resonate” with voters, she added.

“He‘s always had his finger on the pulse of what middle America actually cares about,” Farah Griffin said.

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