Whistleblower Says He Knows the REAL “Stormy Daniels” Story and It’s The Opposite of What You’ve Been Told by The Media

The saga surrounding Stormy Daniels and its entanglement with  Trump persists, with ongoing legal battles concerning Trump's payments to his lawyer, Michael Cohen, unfolding in New York  courts to this very day.

Now, a figure closely associated with the original  Stormy Daniels case has stepped forward, shedding light on some intriguing details between the exotic dancer and Cohen. In a riveting social media thread on X, the user alleges that Daniels and Cohen had  been involved in an affair since 2006, with Stormy's controversial lawyer, Michael Avenatti, reportedly fully aware of the situation. Furthermore, it's claimed that the entire "hush money" arrangement  was concocted by Cohen as a means of financially pressuring Trump.

I spoke with Michael Avenatti who at one time had an office in the same building as one of my businesses in Newport Beach, CA (in November 2018, a few days after his arrest on suspicion of domestic violence, Avenatti's law firm was evicted from those same offices in Newport Beach after skipping $213,000 worth of rent payments.)

Avenatti was working a long con against Tully’s Coffee and actor Patrick Dempsey. Avenatti Global Baristas, the parent company of the Tully's coffee chain that was founded by Michael Avenatti, had agreed to never again use the Tully's name, but Avenatti was lying.

He wanted to use my trademark attorney Rod Underhill to take control of the Tully’s Coffee name and trademarks. I learned later it was yet another attempt to extort money from Keurig Green Mountain. In any case, Avenatti shared details of his client Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, case and the fact that her and Michael Cohen were actually having an affair since 2006.

The whole hush money scheme was cooked up by Michael Cohen to extort the Trump Organization before the 2016 election. Avenatti seemed pleased at how deviant Michael Cohen was.

Understand, Michael Avenatti is a serial liar, but he did speak about his client (that he would later steal from) and Michael Cohen’s affair touching on their scheme to bilk the Trump Organization out of money. He spoke about it on more than one occasion. He was very passionate that Trump had not signed the NDA making it null and void. One time, in fact, he was bragging about it to Dennis Rodman at the Port Restaurant out on the patio, in Corona Del Mar, CA. I was only half listening as I had heard it all before, but @dennisrodman seemed engaged in the conversation.


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