Watch: Conjoined Twins Respond with This Video After the Internet Explodes with Questions Over One Sister’s Recent Marriage 

Abby and Brittney, the conjoined twins who  captured the world’s attention with their TLC show, really opened up their lives to us.

It was a chance to learn and understand, but it didn’t  always go as planned. Instead of just feeling the warmth of a global embrace, they often ended up feeling like they were on display—a bit more "carnival sideshow" than they  were comfortable with. It's understandable how that could lead to some resentment. They’re just people, after all, trying to share their unique journey, not an exhibit.

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When the news hit that one of the conjoined twins had  tied the knot, the internet went into a frenzy of questions, all wondering about the logistics of such a unique situation.

The curiosity was off the charts, spiraling into viral debates  and discussions. Responding to the tidal wave of interest, the twins have finally shared their thought with a video. It’s a reminder of how their personal milestones spark  public intrigue, but at the end of the day, they’re navigating life’s big moments in their own way.

From Western Journal:

Abby and Brittany Hensel amazed millions of TV viewers in the 2012 TLC series “Abby & Brittany,” in which cameras followed their daily lives living together in one body
In November 2021, Abby married nurse practitioner Josh Bowling, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

The twins kept the news to themselves for the most part, but the secret came to light last week.
Photos posted to social media show Bowling, an Army veteran, dancing with Abby and Brittany at their reception. The photos have been on the Hensels’ TikTok page for almost a year, according to the Daily News.

News of the marriage made headlines last week with plenty of social media chatter — and the twins addressed that in a TikTok post on Thursday.

“The internet is extra LOUD today,” they wrote as they shared a video showing ancient sculptures of conjoined twins. “We have always been around.”



@abbyandbrittanyhensel The internet is extra LOUD today. We have always been around ❤️#abbyandbrittanyhensel #happy #love #lovestory #marriage ♬ Real Love Baby - Father John Misty

Abby and Brittany, now 34, are dicephalus conjoined twins, which the Daily News defined as twins sharing a bloodstream and organs below the waist.

In 2003, Brittany said they hoped one day to give birth and become mothers, but as of now, Abby is the stepmom of Bowling’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Though the twins share a single body below the ribcage, Bowling is married only to Abby. The three have not gone public with the exact nature of their relationship.

The Minnesota women retreated from the public spotlight a bit after the conclusion of their TLC series. Since then, the pair graduated from college and became fifth-grade teachers in their local school district, according to Eonline.

Yeah, conjoined twins have been part of our world  forever, but it’s clear a lot of folks still don’t get the ins and outs of their daily lives.

So, sure, curiosity is natural. Yet, what’s happened here has morphed  beyond simple wonder into something that feels more circus-like than genuinely respectful. It’s a valuable takeaway for anyone leading a life that draws curiosity: Sharing your story puts you in the  spotlight, for better or worse, and judgments come with the territory. Maybe that’s a hint that sometimes, keeping things on the down-low is the way to go.

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