Mom Takes 13-Year-Old’s Phone Away, Moments Later Her Daughter Murdered Her

Navigating today’s topsy-turvy world as a parent is tough enough without the fear  of something crazy happening just for laying down the law.

But that’s exactly what went down in Pennsylvania. A mom thought she was doing the right parenting  thing by taking her 13-year-old’s phone away, and then, unbelievably, she was gone. The situation spiraled into a nightmare when her daughter went off the deep end, attacking her with everything she had, and even going after her brother. Thankfully, he made it through.

Talk about a real-life horror story  happening right in their home.

From The New York Post:

A 13-year-old Pennsylvania girl allegedly confessed to killing her mother and stabbing her 11-year-old brother during an argument, telling officers, “I’m the reason my mom is dead.”
Lataya Powell allegedly admitted to the rampage when officers responded about 12:30 p.m. Friday to a home on South Sherman Street in Wilkes-Barre, Local 21 reported.

“I killed my mom and she’ll never forgive me if she is alive,” she said, according to the criminal complaint.

Lataya Powell, a 13-year-old Pennsylvania girl, has been charged as an adult for allegedly killing her mother and stabbing her younger brother after an argument.

Her mother, later identified as Tameeka Tucker, suffered apparent wounds to the torso and head area, police said.

Meanwhile, her 11-year-old brother was found lying on a couch in the living room with stab wounds to his back, according to the news outlet. His injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Powell was taken into custody at the scene and charged as an adult with homicide, two counts of aggravated assault and tampering with evidence, Local 21 reported.

The twisted irony in this tragedy is almost too much  to take in. Now, this young girl won’t have to worry about phone privileges—she’s facing a reality where her biggest  concern will be the bars of a prison cell. It’s a stark wake-up call. We’ve got to start drilling into our kids better ways to deal with their frustrations. Because, honestly, hearing  stories like this one is becoming way too familiar, and that’s something we just can’t let slide.

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