Doctors Get Dire Warning: Stop Telling Obese Patients To “Eat Less” Or Else

Obesity looms large in the U.S., and let's face it, there's a ton of  misinformation out there about its origins and how to tackle it.

Many overweight individuals often find  themselves on the receiving end of simplistic advice from both society and healthcare providers. You know, the classic "just put down the cupcake" spiel. But let's be real, the solution  is far from simple. Plus, research consistently shows that strict  food avoidance isn't a sustainable path to weight management in the long haul.

Enter Professor Donal O'Shea from Ireland, shaking  things up in the medical world. He's calling out his fellow professionals, urging them to ditch  the futile advice before the obesity crisis spirals even further out of control.

From Irish Independent:

“Eat less, move more is not the treatment of obesity – get over it,” he said. “Prevention is different from treatment.”

Prof O’Shea said that it is important doctors look at lifestyle for people with obesity. ​

Weight gain is 90pc irreversible for 90pc of people, he added. You can lose it, but you will put it back on again.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), Prof O’Shea said there are 198 determinants of obesity and they fall in to seven groups – five of which are outside people’s control.

“Patients with obesity can be self-­critical. Recently one of our patients went to get bloods from the GP and the practice nurse told her to ‘just stop eating the cupcakes’,” he said.

The only line patients feel is acceptable from doctors is: “Is it OK to discuss your weight today?” said Prof O’Shea, who runs the obesity service in Loughlinstown Hospital, Dublin, and is the HSE lead on obesity.

Doctors could say: “Where are you on your weight journey?”

There has been an explosion in obesity levels over the past 40 years, Prof O’Shea told the gathering.

He said new therapies and surgery are providing more successful treatments for obesity.

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