This Family Lived in an Isolated Forrest, Away from All Civilization For 40 Years

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  • Source: WECB
  • 04/04/2024
There are typically two kinds  of people: those who love the hustle and bustle of a city and those who want to be as far from it as possible.

In Russia, one family unequivocally falls into the  second camp, opting to live in total isolation for 40 years amidst the dense forests of Siberia. Their story reads like a plot  straight out of a movie, and one can only imagine the hardships they endured living completely detached from society.

However, in many  respects, such a lifestyle could be seen as a blessing. Away from the  pollution, greed, politics, and corruption that characterize modern society, they enjoyed a purer existence.

From WECB:

Tucked away in the depths of Siberia’s dense forest, the Lykov family led a life that many of us could scarcely believe possible today. Four decades ago, a team of Soviet geologists stumbled upon their hidden homestead, marking the family’s first contact with the outside world since they had retreated into the wilderness.

The family’s patriarch, Karp Lykov, had fled to the forest in the mid-1930s with his wife, Akulina, and their two young children, Savin and Natalia. Their flight was a desperate bid to escape persecution; Karp’s brother had been killed by Soviet soldiers, prompting the family to seek refuge far from the reaches of civilization.

The Lykovs’ existence was a true testament to human resilience. They survived on the fringes of society, with homemade clothes crafted from hemp and tree bark, and a diet that teetered on the edge of famine. Their life was one of simplicity, with hunting and an old family Bible as their only pastimes.

Interestingly, the Lykov children, including two born in the wilderness (Dmitry and Agafia), had no knowledge of the world beyond their forest home. They were unaware of major historical events like World War II and had never encountered anyone outside their family unit.

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