Famous Atheist Says If He Has to Pick, He’d Take Christianity Over Islam, Any Day

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 04/01/2024
You'd have to be living under a rock  not to see that Christianity is taking heat in many Western nations, especially here in the good ol' U.S. where atheists, Democrats, and the LGBTQ community seem to have  Christians in their crosshairs for pretty much everything they believe in.

Yet, in a twist of irony, one of the most  prominent atheists, Richard Dawkins, decided to stir the pot this Easter Sunday by claiming he identifies as a "cultural Christian." Dawkins even went further, stating  he'd prefer a nation built on Christian principles over one with a stronger Islamic influence.

From Breitbart:

Emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford and God Delusion author Richard Dawkins said that he identifies with Christian society and that he would choose it over other countries based around other faiths, namely Islamic nations.

Speaking to LBC Radio’s Rachel Johnson — the sister of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson — Dawkins said on Sunday that he was “slightly horrified” that Ramadan lights were put up in London instead of Easter ones.

“I do think that we are a culturally Christian country, I call myself a cultural Christian. I’m not a believer, but there is a distinction between being a believing Christian and being a cultural Christian. I love hymns and Christmas carols. I sort of feel at home in the Christian ethos. I feel that we are a Christian country.

Dawkins noted that the number of Christians is declining in the UK, which he said he is “happy with”, but said that he would lament the loss of cathedrals and other cultural aspects of living in a Christian country.

“I think it would matter, certainly if we substituted any other religion, that would be truly dreadful.”

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