Florida Man Beat Up After Making Fun of Down Syndrome Guest at Disney World

Listen, no one is giving public  beatdowns a thumbs up, but if there's one person who arguably deserved it, it's this Florida man.

A major brawl erupted at a Disney World Resort bar  when an intoxicated individual aggressively mocked a woman with Down syndrome. Allegedly, the 61-year-old man approached a table of four guests and began ridiculing their daughter for her condition. But the situation  escalated when he proceeded to physically assault the mother, prompting the husband to intervene and mete out justice with his fists.

It's safe to say he got  what was coming to him...

From Fox 35 Orlando:

Brent George was arrested and charged with four counts of battery after the incident that unfolded at Belle Vue Lounge, a bar inside Disney's Boardwalk Inn, on Jan. 25. 

The 61-year-old was intoxicated at the bar after downing three shots of bourbon and a beer and allegedly made his way up to a table of four guests and started to make fun of a woman with Down syndrome, according to the affidavit. 

Her mother confronted George and asked him if he was making fun of her daughter, and that's when George stood up and allegedly shoved her twice. He then slapped another guest at the table in the face when she tried to intervene, deputies said. 

The husband of the woman who was slapped got involved, and George allegedly punched him in the neck. George was then punched in the head by the husband, the affidavit said. 

An unnamed bystander grabbed George and removed him from the scene, according to deputies. 

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