Well, We Now Know Why Gypsy Rose Blanchard is Divorcing Her Hubby

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  • Source: TMZ
  • 04/02/2024
Gypsy Rose Blanchard seemed to have found her  slice of happily-ever-after when she tied the knot with Ryan Anderson back in 2022, even while she was still behind bars. Fast forward a few  years, and it seems their fairy tale has hit some rocky shores. Gypsy's pulling the plug on the marriage, filing for divorce  from Anderson after just a two-year stint.

Curiosity's on high as folks try to wrap  their heads around what went down between Gypsy and Ryan. The tea's been spilled, and it turns out there's an old flame back in  the picture: enter Ken Urker, who happened to be Gypsy's fiancé pre-2022 nuptials. Word has it Gypsy and Ken are inseparable now, sporting  matching ink on their backs.

Because, you know, nothing  screams "forever" like etching it into your skin, right?

From TMZ:

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ Gypsy and the guy she was previously engaged to while in prison -- a man named Ken Urker -- linked up this week hit Sailor Bob's Tattoo shop in Cut Off, LA Monday, not far from where Gypsy's dad resides.

There's a picture circulating that shows Ken in one of the tattoo chairs with Gypsy sitting by his side and watching getting inked ... and now, we know they got matching tattoos.

We're told they popped into the shop around 3 PM, with a clear idea in mind for what they wanted done – our sources tell us Gypsy and Ken were seeking matching husky dog tats ... which to them, symbolized their strong bond.

We're told the tattoo artist inked one husky on one person's right arm and another on the other person's left arm ... so when Gypsy and Ken put their arms together, the huskies face each other. Our sources say it was a very simple tattoo with no shading. Ken paid for both.

We're told Gypsy/Ken didn't show any PDA while getting inked, but it would appear they're together ... or at the very least, very friendly. Ken's mom told People they're just pals right now, and that he's being a friend to her during her separation from husband Ryan Anderson.

There's notable history between Gypsy and Ken ... Ken reached out to Gypsy after watching her HBO doc "Mommy Dead and Dearest" while she was in prison. Their connection deepened after a few visits from Ken ... and he soon popped the question in October 2018.

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