Is Radical Liberal Jimmy Kimmel Having a Change of Heart?

Jimmy Kimmel is widely recognized for his unwavering  support of Democrat leadership in the U.S. And why wouldn't he be? Our great American cities have become hotspots for crime and pollution under decades of leftist governance.

So, it came as a surprise when Kimmel recently returned  from a trip to Japan, only to criticize America—specifically, major cities—for being "garbage" compared to the offerings of Tokyo.

The irony is palpable considering Kimmel resides  in Los Angeles, a city long plagued by Democratic leadership. In fact, the entire state of California has been under liberal governance for centuries.

From Yahoo Entertainment:

“After traveling to Japan, I realize that this place, this USA we’re always chanting about, is a filthy and disgusting country,” the host said on Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The ABC host admitted that before spending seven days in Japan, he believed America was a country that had its faults and “areas for improvement,” but that it was “pretty buttoned up” compared to the rest of the world.

“I go to Europe, and there are dirt holes where plumbing is supposed to be. I hold my breath, and I go, ‘I’m glad I’m not one of these people,’ and then I go back home,” Kimmel explained. That wasn’t the case when it came to the Land of the Rising Sun.

“It’s like the whole country is Disneyland and we’re living at Six Flags,” Kimmel said. “I’ve been home 36 hours, I have never felt dirtier. We are like hogs compared to the Japanese. I can’t imagine what they must think of us. ‘Oh, the garbage people. Yes, the Americans. Garbage.'”

The late-night host said that he didn’t encounter a single dirty bathroom during his time in the country.

“The bathrooms in Tokyo and Kyoto are cleaner than our operating rooms here. Everywhere you go the bathrooms are clean, they don’t smell bad, they have those toilets that wash you from the inside out,” Kimmel said. He then said the truck stop bathrooms were “cleaner than Jennifer Garner’s teeth — the cleanest.”

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