[VIDEO] Jimmy Kimmel Absolutely Devastated That Trump is Beating Biden in The Polls “How Could This Be?”

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 04/06/2024
It's like 2016 all over again folks...

Many people are disillusioned by the current  state of affairs in the country under Joe Biden's leadership. They find it hard to believe that someone, especially Trump, could unseat him as president. Trump, underestimated by the left time and time again, is consistently  leading Biden in polls.

Despite Trump's consistent lead, liberals have yet to fully  grasp the possibility of him reclaiming the White House. However, one notable left-leaning figure who is beginning to take notice of the polls is late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. He's really  struggling to come to terms with the reality of Trump's resurgence.

On his show, Kimmel recently  expressed absolute shock and horror at the current polling data, which shows Trump outperforming Biden in almost every swing state. He even mentioned  experiencing headaches from this news.

From Fox News:

Kimmel's Wednesday night monologue on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," addressed how "There were presidential primaries in four states yesterday. Biden and Trump won them all," nonetheless, "somehow the ghost of Nikki Haley continues to plague Trump like an undigested chalupa. Haley got 13% of the Republican vote in New York, more than 20% of Republicans in Wisconsin didn’t vote for Trump."

However, one key fact had the late night host in disbelief.

"Not only is he still the front-runner, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll, Trump leads Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, all important states, which just gives me a headache," Kimmel said. "How could this be?" 

He joked Trump "doesn’t even lead in a poll of people who worked for him."

On Tuesday, the WSJ released a poll showing that Trump leads Biden in 6 of 7 swing states.

WSJ explained that its polling "shows Trump holding leads of between 2 and 8 percentage points in six states—Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina—on a test ballot that includes third-party and independent candidates" and that "Trump holds similar leads when voters are asked to choose only between him and Biden."

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