John Fetterman Sounds Exactly Like a Republican with New Statement on Squatters

While squatters have become a pressing  issue in our country, it appears that only those leaning towards the right of the political spectrum are actively addressing this problem  and pushing for changes to federal laws. However, there is a notable exception—a Democrat  who is finally speaking out on this growing epidemic and adopting a stance reminiscent of conservatives.

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is taking a firm  position on squatters who illegally occupy homes, asserting that these individuals have "no rights."

With any luck, this outspokenness from Senator Fetterman will  spark a trend on the left side of the Senate, leading to efforts to amend these nonsensical laws across our nation.

From Radar Online:

Fetterman emphasized his disapproval of squatters taking over private properties by stating, "Squatters have no rights." He strongly criticized the notion of granting rights to individuals who break the law by occupying someone else's home unlawfully, "I am not woke."

He highlighted the absurdity of the situation by drawing parallels with other criminal acts, questioning the logic behind affording rights to those who commit such offenses.

The senator's comments came in the wake of escalating concerns surrounding squatters, evident in incidents such as a New Yorker being detained for attempting to remove squatters from her own residence.

This growing issue has raised alarms about property rights and legal protections for homeowners facing such challenges.

Fetterman also addressed his opposition to progressive policies that advocate for lighter sentences for repeat violent offenders.

Citing the tragic case of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, who was allegedly killed by an individual with a substantial criminal record, Fetterman advocated for stricter consequences for such offenders.

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