WOW! Melania and Barron Drop Jaws On Easter

Holy wow, Melania and Barron  lit the internet on fire over the Easter Holiday. Of course, Melania is just a vision of pure style and grace every time she steps out. But her and Barron  together, are quite the stunning mother-and-son pain. Melania, looking like she just stepped off the runway, and 6’7 Barron, getting more handsome everyday, together they looked like a vision of grace and  towering chivalry. 

When watch the video and look at the photos, remember, Melania isn’t  exactly short. Standing at 5’11, she’s quite tall for a woman. And with President Trump  being over 6 feet tall himself, it’s hardly a surprise that Barron has grown to be incredibly tall. The apple doesn’t fall far from those tall trees, does it?

Needless to say, photos of the pair set the internet ablaze. 

Honestly, this woman looks more stunning everyday. She’s aging backwards, just like President Trump!

What a beautiful mom and son moment. 

What a handsome kid he is! Like father like son. 

Melania truly appeared angelic during their Easter celebrations at Mar-a-Lago; it’s almost mystifying how radiant she is. The Trump family seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time, effectively putting to rest the rumors from the media who've been fixated on Melania’s whereabouts, insinuating she was MIA or even "abandoning" her husband when he needed her most. Just more unfounded stories—par for the course, wouldn’t you say?

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