Missing California Dogs Turns Up 9 Months Later in Michigan

There's no worse feeling than when your  beloved pet goes missing. After all, they're more than just an animal; they're a member of the family.

Last summer in California, a family's  beloved terrier mix named Mishka disappeared after wandering out of the garage, leaving zero trace. Months of searching passed with no sign of Mishka until  the family received surprising news: their cherished pooch had been found in Michigan of all places.

Somehow, this dog managed to trek  over 2,000 miles away to suburban Detroit. Now, that's a story that could give the movie "Homeward Bound" a run for its money.

From Associated Press:

The Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society said it quickly discovered that the dog, named Mishka, had an identity chip implanted in her with information about her owners.

Mehrad Houman and his family live in San Diego but were planning to travel to Minnesota when the call came in. He landed there and then drove 10 hours to Michigan for a reunion with Mishka, the adoption group said on a Facebook post with pictures and video.

“This is a tale that Hollywood would love to tell,” the group said.

Mishka had wandered away from Houman’s workplace, an auto garage, in July and never returned. Her collar had the family’s phone number.

“We think it was stolen and then it was sold and ended up in Michigan,” said Corinne Martin, director of the animal welfare group.

Houman’s wife, Elizabeth, said it’s “been an incredible journey.”

“I never gave up,” she said Thursday. “I put up over a thousand flyers. I had a flyer on my back windshield. I wore her leash whenever I would look for her. ... Now I just want to find out how she got to Michigan.”

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