[VIDEO] Mom Gives Birth in the Ocean with No Assistance Whatsoever

For many women, the birthing journey  typically entails the presence of a healthcare professional, whether it's a doctor or a doula, and it's often a rather uncomfortable ordeal.

However, one woman had a vastly different  experience. Josy Cornelius welcomed her fifth child in the serene ocean waters of the Caribbean. At 2 am, in Maui, she gave  birth to a healthy baby boy without any medical assistance.

It's a birthing experience that I'm sure  many mothers would envy.

From Daily Mail UK:

The 38-year-old has gone into labor in the ocean twice and believes different oceans can offer different birth experiences.

Josy believes in 'free birth' – welcoming a child without the help of medical professionals.

And she cares so deeply about the conditions in which she raises her children that, while expecting her youngest, she even moved her family hundreds of miles away to experience the ultimate ocean birth.

The mother-of-five said: 'Women should plan their pregnancy and birth the same way they plan their dream wedding: no distance too far, no budget too tight, no idea too specific. 

'This is the best prerequisite for the dream birth.'

Baby Maui was born in the Caribbean Ocean at around 2am local time on September 11, 2023. 

The family - including their 11-year-old daughter and three older boys aged seven, three, and two - had moved to a Caribbean island in Nicaragua specifically to prepare for his birth. 

Josy then filmed a 'very special' video of the ocean birth - which she said was a 'flawless experience'. 

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