Will This MAJOR US Airport Be Named After Trump? Republicans Are Trying to Make It Happen…

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  • Source: Axios
  • 04/02/2024
Imagine the ultimate  way to trigger liberals, aside from a return of Trump to the White House.

Picture a major airport, one of the country's key hubs, right in the heart of the DC swamp, and it's named after President Trump. And the cherry on top? It’s the go-to airport  for folks who are, let's say, not exactly fans—those with Stage 5 TDS. That scenario would be quite the spectacle, and guess what? It's not completely doable, albeit a challenge. 

From Axios:

A group of House Republicans led by a member of GOP leadership is introducing a bill to rename D.C.'s Washington Dulles International Airport after former President Trump.

Why it matters: It's a display of the deference many congressional Republicans have for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

Driving the news: The two-page bill seeks to rename the airport to the "Donald J. Trump International Airport" and require all government documents to refer to it as such.
*         The airport is currently named for John Foster Dulles, a former secretary of state under President Dwight Eisenhower who fought against communism during the early stages of the Cold War.
*         The bill was first reported by Breitbart News.
Between the lines: The proposal is sure to get resounding pushback from Democrats in the House should it get a vote on the floor — a risk given Republicans' razor-thin majority.

t would be quite  the sight, wouldn't it? Trump Force One and Air Force One touching down at Trump International Airport in Washington DC.

Of course, you can bet the Dems would be up in  arms about it, putting up a fight every step of the way. The idea of them willingly accepting anything named after President Trump  seems less likely than them opting for a diet of broken glass. But that's exactly why it would be so satisfying to see it happen.

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