China: Anybody That Stands In Our Reunification Of Taiwan Will Be Crushed By The Wheels Of History

While the United States and Taiwan do not have a mutual defense pact, the country does receive weaponry from the United States. On Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a bill that would declare Taiwan as a non-NATO ally and provide Taiwan with $4.5 billion for defense over the next four years.

China made clear its resolve to reunify with the self-governing island on Saturday, warning international leaders that anybody who stands in its way will be “crushed by the wheels of history.”

Though strong, the rhetoric used was very standard for the Chinese leadership.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi of China told the United Nations General Assembly, “Only until China is fully reunified can there be real peace across the Taiwan Strait.” Taking “the most aggressive actions to counter external intervention,” he stressed, was what Beijing would do.

Taiwan is an island that broke away from China in the wake of a civil war in 1949 and is currently governed independently. Tensions between the United States and China have risen significantly since Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, visited Beijing recently.

Even though it was sharp, the wording was consistent with China’s normal vehemence when discussing the island. China’s claim is rarely left out of important international addresses. Wang’s participation, rather than his boss, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, was an indication that the speech was not necessarily an important one, despite the fact that Taiwan is a critical subject of China policy.

Wang remarked, “The PRC government is the single government representing all of China.” PRC is the acronym for the People’s Republic of China, the official name of the country. The ‘one-China concept’ has developed into a universal standard in diplomatic practice.

China routinely applies pressure to every nation, company, or mapmaker in the globe that even suggests Taiwan should be considered an independent country. Its power has cut off diplomatic ties with the island’s administration, however several UN members maintain ties with Taipei instead of Beijing.

The prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, talked passionately about enabling Taiwan to expand its profile in international institutions, notably the World Health Organization, only a few speakers before Wang on Saturday at the U.N. gathering.

He questioned how the international community could ignore Taiwan’s right to exist in accordance with the preferences of the Taiwanese people.

After two years of televised, pandemic-era addresses by China’s top leader, Wang will make an in-person visit at the United Nations General Assembly in 2022. Both Xi and Putin boycotted this year’s General Assembly meeting. On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden of the United States addressed the nation.

Although the United States government has maintained a policy of “strategic ambiguity” toward Taiwan, Vice President Joe Biden appeared to break with that policy this week when he indicated that the United States would support Taiwan if China invaded.

Honesty is required, so let’s not sugarcoat this. Xi is completely unafraid of Joe. The only thing stopping China from reunifying with Taiwan is China’s fear of losing the United States as its major buyer for Chinese-made goods. There are likely to be a large number of lobbyists urging Congress and the Senate to take action to shield American factories in Taiwan.

Companies avoided recruiting young people in the United States because they demanded higher wages, prompting lobbyists to pressure politicians in Washington, D.C. to send your children to war.

Biden made this statement in response to a question from a 60 Minutes correspondent on Sunday night about whether or not American military would intervene to protect Taiwan. Yes, if there was an unprecedented attack, Biden said.

Further, the president reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to the “One China” policy, which acknowledges Beijing but leaves the door open to rudimentary connections with Taiwan.

“Taiwan is an independent nation that makes its own decisions. We’re staying still and not pushing them toward autonomy. We don’t take issue with their choice, “On Sunday, Biden made his claim.

So we’re going to fight a war with a country that owns our debt, manufactures everything we purchase, supplies our pharmaceuticals, and has a monopoly on the minerals used to produce the batteries in all those expensive electric cars we’re being forced to buy? What about China? That’s a fantastic idea, in my opinion.

Let God protect us from a battle with China while Biden is president. Does anyone else here realize that Biden is wasting our country’s oil? not intended to lower gas prices but rather for use in an emergency. We’ve consumed over half of it. The place was bustling when he entered office.

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