CDC: Killer Fatal Fungus Has Been Possibly Spreading In Health Care Facilities Around The Country
Although COVID received more attention and resources during the pandemic, and as medical practitioners’ personal protective equipment—to which C. auris clings—was changed out less frequently because of ... Read More.
Actor Baptized For Real On Set Of Upcoming Gospel Movie
In fact, “I was studying the Bible so much, and it really reinforced my faith intensely to the point that when the character got baptized, I actually, in real life, decided to get baptized,” Ehrich sai ... Read More.
Majority Of Millennials Expect To Receive Inheritance From Parents
According to a poll of 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 32, the average inheritance that millennials anticipate receiving is little over $80,000, and a quarter of them said that they are concern ... Read More.
Gisele Bündchen Sets The Record Straight On Her Divorce From NFL Tom Brady; Media Got It Wrong!
Months after the announcement, Gisele Bündchen addressed allegations that their breakup was the result of an alleged ultimatum, saying they were untrue. She told the magazine, “When you love someone, y ... Read More.
Daily Wire's Candace Owens Threatens To Call Police If Country Star Helps Her Child Change Sex Gender
While the video has received both favor and criticism on social media, Tennessee resident Candace Owens of the Daily Wire went one step farther. She criticized Morris and threatened to have the police ... Read More.
Rapper Responds To Community At Odds With Him Raising Bison On His Property
On his Instagram story on Sunday, Ross added, “For everyone that’s wanting a statement and a response (about) my bulls, my cows, a couple of buffalos who got away in the neighborhood, this is my respon ... Read More.
Influencers Asks Trump Supporters To Refrain From Physically Protesting Manhattan DA
The 2024 presidential candidate gave the first indication of his impending arrest in a Truth Social post on Saturday, attributing the information to “illegal leaks” from Manhattan District Attorney Alv ... Read More.
Idaho Becomes Latest State To Permit Firing Squad As Alternative To Other Execution Techniques
According to the Death Penalty Information Center, only Mississippi, Utah, Oklahoma, and South Carolina presently permit firing squads as an alternative to other execution techniques. ... Read More.
Half Of Sharon Stone's Fortune Seems To Have Been Wrapped Up In SVB Debacle!
Stone’s account of her own recent financial difficulties brought her to tears. I know what’s occurring, so that’s courage too right now. Just now, this banking issue cost me half of my money. I’m still ... Read More.
If You Have Banking Anxiety, You're Not Alone
Concern over the second- and third-largest US bank failures in history has sent markets around the world into a tailspin this week. ... Read More.
Actress Julia Fox Forks Over $450K For Brother's Release From Jail
The model and her parents (her mother lives in Italy) co-signed a $450,000 bail to release her brother from Rikers Island. Julia’s cooperation is surprising since she has said she rarely sees or talks ... Read More.
Wife Finds Husband's Body In Home Eight Months After Reported Disappearance
According to KTVI, Jennifer later called the police to report the scent. They conducted another search after noticing that the smell was the same, but they were unsuccessful. The smell appeared to have ... Read More.
Man From Another Planet Walks Streets of Florida Until He Was Arrested
On Wednesday, a Taboo employee reported a naked man walking by the restaurant on Worth Avenue in front of diners. Bystanders identified the individual to police upon arrival. ... Read More.
[VIDEO] Pretty Young Florida Girl Making BIG BUCKS Cleaning Houses Topless
I don’t think many wives would hire her, even if she does windows.... ... Read More.

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