DC Mayor Declares National Emergency After Texas Governor Sends ‘Migrants” To Her Sanctuary City

Since April, more than 9,000 asylum seekers have entered the district, prompting Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to designate the busing of migrants to the capital a national emergency on Thursday.

In accordance with the proclamation, Bowser is permitted to create the Office of Migrant Services, which will offer assistance and support to migrants coming from Texas and Arizona to Washington, DC.

According to the release, the district will first set aside $10 million to build the new office and will apply to the federal government for compensation.

We know this, so. There has been no improvement in the border problem. At a news conference, Bowser declared that “it’s getting worse” and predicted that “hundreds more buses” will come in the coming months.

In an effort to pressure Democratic politicians and the Biden administration to tighten border controls, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott started busloads of illegal immigrants in April, according to the mayor’s office. Since then, around 9,400 migrants have entered the city. Shortly after that, Abbott’s lead was followed by Arizona’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey.

As of last week, Abbott has started sending buses to Chicago. Abbott has also been transporting migrants by bus to New York City since June.

We’ve become a border town in many respects thanks to the governors of Texas and Arizona. The time frame for this to be resolved is unknown. Brianne Nadeau, a councilmember for Washington, DC, remarked, “We don’t know how long they will keep bussing.

After the Pentagon again turned down Bowser’s request for the National Guard’s aid in recent weeks, she made her declaration. Two times, the mayor requested the deployment of military to “assist avert a lengthy humanitarian disaster in our nation’s capital due to the daily entrance of migrants.”

The Office of Migrant Services will create a system, independent from its current homeless assistance system, to accommodate new migrants in addition to providing meals, medical care, and language services.

The National Guard was to be sent out last month to “help avoid a lengthy humanitarian disaster in our nation’s capital due to the daily arrival of migrants,” but the Pentagon turned it down.

She asked for 150 people to aid with the transportation of migrants to Washington, D.C. The illegal immigrants will be assisted in their “eventual transfer to their final destinations” at the armory, according to Bowser’s letter.

The mayor’s first request was turned down by the Pentagon on August 4. In response, Bowser received a second rejection letter from the Defense Department’s executive secretary Kelly Bulliner Holly on August 22 that included an explanation. A copy of the letter, which many media sites have seen, states that the National Guard is not trained to help migrants.

The letter said that the DCNG lacked the necessary training, experience, or special abilities to manage facilities, provide food and hygienic care, or provide ground support for this sort of operation.

According to Holly, the DCNG’s preparedness would suffer significantly if the proposal were approved. “Cancelling or interrupting military training would be necessary if the facilities or people were devoted to such a lengthy task.”

In the letter, it was mentioned that several non-governmental organizations and community organizations are aiding with the migrant arrival.

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