Trouble In Paradise? Affleck Claims Grammy Memes Aren't Telling Real Story
One strange interaction between him and JLo was caught on camera (see it here), but he later explained that it was all in good fun when JLo told him, “You better [bleep] not leave” after he joked that ... Read More.
Best Actress Takes Subtle Poke At CNN's Don Lemon During Oscar Speech
Michelle Yeoh stated “don’t allow anybody tell you you’re ever past your prime.” On Sunday, several TV hosts and media analysts debated whether Yeoh’s statement was meant to criticize Don Lemon. ... Read More.
Kaepernick Claims His White Adoptive Parents Perpetuated Racism; Mum On Nike Relations With China
Nike reportedly signed a multimillion-dollar contract with Colin Kaepernick in 2018, despite its history of supporting sweatshop labor. ... Read More.
Chris Rock's Netflix Special Will Be Edited; Wait Until You Hear Why!
Chris Rock’s long reaction to the Oscars slap in the highly rated special is making news and drawing criticism from critics like Candace McDuffie of The Root, who wrote a response, and others criticizi ... Read More.
Breakout Actress Leaves Stranger Things Because Of Producer's Unwanted Sexual Advance
Grace Van Dien, 26, a breakout performer from Netflix’s Stranger Things’ fourth season, confessed during a livestream that she’s taken a sabbatical from acting after a movie producer’s proposal left he ... Read More.
Top Comedians Under Fire For Alleged Child Sex Abuse Sketch That Included Minors
In response to allegations of child sex abuse made against her in a recent lawsuit, Tiffany Haddish has spoken out. On Monday morning, Haddish sent a statement to Instagram. “I am aware that there are ... Read More.

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